Gill Andrew B.E.T.D, MCMA


I came to Energy Healing after years of physical and mental ill health and was amazed at the changes which happened immediately.  I’m now happier than I have ever been, completely well and pain free and no longer on antidepressants.  I can eat anything I like after 20 years on a very restricted gluten and wheat free diet.  As the effects on me were so pronounced I decided to find out more and completed a Level 2 Practitioner Diploma and a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Course from Michael D’Altons School of Bio Energy Healing. I have also completed a Level 4 Teacher Training course with Michael and a Shamanic Practitioner Certificate at Eden School of Transformational Energy Healing + Shamanism.

I am an Energy and Shamanic Practitioner based in North Cumbria.

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“I always feel very calm and relaxed after a session ...... I have found the therapy to be very helpful in managing my anxiety and I am now sleeping well without the use of sleeping pills and earplugs (used to be very light sleeper).” AM Cumbria

“My foot is improving, I can walk and drive better and I am coping far better with my emotions.  I now feel confident to approach situations which were causing me great stress. I don’t feel such uncertainty and feel more empowered to cope with life. Physically I am feeling stronger more balanced and am sleeping better”. VJ Cumbria

“After the last session I was a great deal calmer and much less anxious about life in general...  I find that I approach life with a much more positive attitude and I challenge my negative thoughts now. What surprised me was that the energy work seemed to continue to have an effect on my life outside of the sessions. “VT Cumbria

"I will continue to use Gill’s advice with regard to my health in the future.
I would highly recommend any person considering energy healing to contact Gill.” BC Cumbria


"So many of you know that last September I tried  energy therapy with Gill.   Although I was sceptical it soon became clear that Christmas in 2015 was going to be a good one as the depression I usually experience is heightened at this time of year but this year was controlled. I still don’t truly understand how and why. But it worked for me. Anyway for the last 6 wks I have had a sore foot, which has meant me walking awkwardly. Having been to A&E, DR's and an xray, etc., along with one weeks rest for what i was told was a small stress fracture. On Tuesday I went for my 6 wkly session with Gill. I mentioned my foot and she said 'lets see what we can do', I looked puzzled as I didn't think energy therapy could help. Gill explained about energy being blocked, especially in your hands and feet. With a quick foot massage and a demo of what I could do when I left my session. Gill you are a miracle worker, by yesterday I noticed an improvement and today no limp. Ammmazzing, cannot believe it. Thank you. My reason for writing this is that anyone out there who suffers from physical or psychological problems and may have tried medication and other ways of trying to relieve the symptoms but nothing is working please, please give Energy Therapy a try.

I was sceptical but it worked for me and is certainly worth trying. Its like a miracle." Lydia