Helping Your Body Heal Itself

When your body's natural energy is flowing freely you feel alive, vibrant and healthy. 

Energy Therapy supports this happening for you...



What is Energy Therapy?


It has been scientifically proven that every living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. These energy fields in and around the body are referred to as the aura, or Bio Field. When the energy field is blocked or depleted this can cause health problems.  
Energy Therapy is a gentle, natural, holistic treatment which works on these energy fields, releasing blocked, negative and stagnant energy from your energy system and allowing healing to take place.  The therapist uses hand movements around the body to sense blockages and move the energy.  Blocked energy can be caused by stress in everyday life or in response to emotional problems, accidents, grief, childhood traumas, physical and mental illness.
Energy Therapy is based on ancient forms of healing from Chinese and other Eastern medicine systems and knowledge about the chakras (openings into energy points within the body).   It has been refined since the 1970s especially by Zdenko Domancic and later as Bio Energy Therapy, by Michael D’Alton



How Can Energy Therapy Support Me to Feel Well ?


Energy Therapy can help with aches, pains and other physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological symptoms by treating the underlying cause and working directly on the bodies energy system. 
Energy Therapy is not limited to treating specific conditions - the focus is on the cause of the symptoms; the blocked energy in the Bio-Field or aura, clients find that many symptoms and illnesses respond very favourably to this therapy. 



What Should I Expect from a Treatment Session?


Sessions last between one to two hours on average. 

Both evening and daytime appointments are available.
You remain fully clothed and will be asked to lie, stand, or sit depending on which techniques the therapist is using. 
The therapist scans your energy field (aura) and uses hand movements around the body to relax you, increase the flow of energy and bring blockages in your energy field to the surface. Sometimes there is a small amount of direct physical contact eg. hands on your shoulders.
Once the natural, balanced flow of energy is restored to the body the therapist will stand back and allow the body to heal itself.

What will I feel during treatment?
You may feel various sensations during a session, eg. heat or cold, tingling or movement in the body or nothing at all.
Some people may immediately begin to feel better, or they may feel the benefits over the weeks after their sessions.  Others may be more aware of their symptoms for a short while and then begin to feel better.  
The majority of people feel relaxed and calm after a session.

How long does treatment take?
Energy Therapy treatment takes place as and when the client requests it.  The responsibility lies with the client to book appointments and monitor their own health and well being.  Many clients feel that they need a few sessions initially to clear their energy field of the presenting symptoms and then have follow up sessions as they feel the need.
Some people have top up sessions on a monthly basis to maintain their optimum health and well being.

How much does treatment cost?
A session costs £30